Help and advice on homelessness

Help and Advice on homelessness

If you are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless or know someone who is then please see the Ask Sherlock database which lists all services available in Portsmouth. This will take you directly to the homelessness page. There are 6 subheadings where you can find specific services.

Homelessness and Single Adults
Homelessness and Young People
Homelessness and Families
Homelessness and Food
Homelessness and Support
Homelessness and Furniture, Equipment and Clothing

Your local council website will also list services in your area. See below for details.

Portsmouth City Council

Havant Borough Council

Gosport Borough Council

Fareham Borough Council

National charities such as Church Housing Advice, Crisis and Shelter can provide general advice on homelessness.

You can also report yourself or other people as homeless using Streetlink which integrates with local homelessness services.

Homelessness advice in the Portsmouth area