Churches Homeless Action – In Portsmouth and South East Hampshire
Ensuring that homelessness issues are kept on the churches’ agenda

Churches Homeless Action is a voluntary group of homelessness organisations and Churches that works to ensure that homelessness issues are kept on the churches’ agenda in Portsmouth and South East Hampshire.

We support local homelessness services and charities through our annual Christmas appeal which has been running since 2003. Over the last 11 years we have raised more than £110,000 all of which has gone directly to homeless people. For more information please see the Who we support page.

If you need information or help for someone who is homeless go to: Help and Advice on Homelessness.

Homelessness is on the rise in the UK and doesn’t just include those who are roofless but also those who are sofa hopping and otherwise vulnerably housed. Recent changes to benefits and local council funding has placed many people in a vulnerable situation which is why it’s essential that we work to ensure that as many people as possible are reached by local services.

It is hard to estimate exactly how many people are homeless in England. Official government statistics estimate that in 2012, there were around 2,309 people sleeping rough on one night, which is a rise of 31% from 2010. However local agencies estimate that the true number is much higher and that in London alone up to 6437 rough sleepers were counted in the period 2012/2013.

Rough Sleepers in England

Moreover, the number of households who qualify from assistance from the local authority has also increased in recent years. These households are not visibly homeless however they are still in need of support. These figures do not include applications from those who are not in a priority group which include families with children and other vulnerable individuals.


In South East Hampshire alone around 750 families have been accepted by local authorities as being homeless and in priority need during the financial year 2012/2013 and regionally, the number of households being accepted as owed a main homelessness duty by local authorities has been going up year on year.

Priority Need Households

These statistics are just the tip of the iceberg, which is why our work in supporting homelessness services is so important. We rely solely on donations, so if you are able to support us in any way go to How you can help page.

Christmas Appeal 2016
Our 2016 Christmas appeal launches officially in autumn 2016:
Churches Homeless Action Christmas poster 2016
Churches Homeless Action Christmas leaflet 2016

We’re pleased to announce that we now accept donations throughout the year. For more information go to How you can help.

Christmas Appeal and Thank you!
Thanks to your generosity we raised over £13,000 in 2013 which was distributed to our supported charities and services at the Carol Sing in at St Mary’s Church on December 20th.

We would also like to say a big thank you to the team who helped to sort through the vouchers. They did a fantastic job!

The team who helped to count the vouchers
The team who helped to count the vouchers

We would like to thank Portsmouth Diocese for creating and hosting this website and First Wessex for funding its creation.

Homelessness advice in the Portsmouth area